Berthoud Pass Construction Inconvenience Over

Despite CDOT implementing measures to mitigate the negative impacts on the traveling public – such as maximum allowable delays of 40 minutes and no lane closures from 2PM on Fridays until 10PM on Sundays, the inconvenience factor cannot be overlooked. For those living in Grand County and who made frequent trips to Denver, 8 years of trip delays in the summer got old real fast.

I also remember there was a time when construction would occur all through the night, and if you didn’t make it to the first switchback by a certain time late evening, you either had to wait/sleep in your car for hours until it re-opened, or seek out one of the wonderful lodging establishments on the east side of the Pass – in Empire, Georgetown or Idaho Springs.

As experience showed my wife and I, the prospect of an extended trip delay created a “Pregnancy Imponderable”, with the necessity for establishing a game plan should we need to make a swift journey down to our hospital in Denver following the onset of contractions, or some other reason which required an unhindered transit over the Pass.

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