My A-Z of Snow

There is no debate that snow is the lifeblood of the ski resort industry. Any business that operates within our industry can do everything within their own control to position themselves and maximize earnings from winter vacationers, but a lousy snow year can ruin all the best made plans. Furthermore, a poor snow year can have knock-on implications for the following year and – for some individual resorts if there is a recurring pattern – establish am unenviable reputation for unreliable conditions.

The internet has, and will continue to do so, changed the face of civilization as we know it. A bit dramatic I know, but the immediacy and sheer extent of information on just about everything is at our fingertips, and that includes snow statistics at all the major ski resorts in the world. In the States, aside from perhaps the two highest demand time periods of the ski season of Christmas and Spring Break, snow enthusiasts looking to take a vacation have, over the last few years, made their choice of location much closer to their arrival date. Snow considerations are a big factor. In my article entitled A Ski in The Park, I stated that for most people, “great snow is the be-all and end-all of any skiing vacation”. Who has the best snow? What’s the forecast? What deals are out there? What’s new? What does Peter Hardy say?

In fact, there are a huge number of factors that can be built into the snow equation, and this gave me an idea to produce “My Own A-Z of Snow”. I say “My Own”, because I’m sure many people will have their own ideas for a better word with snow connotations, beginning with a specific letter, than my own choice. If that’s the case, please contribute and share your own suggestions.

So, over the next 26 days starting tomorrow and ending on Christmas Day, I present a personal A-Z of Snow.

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