D – Denver Broncos

Now you’re probably asking yourselves “what on earth has the Denver Broncos got to do with snow, other than they play in it sometimes?” Well, that’s exactly the point. Watching Green Bay and Seattle battle it out in the snow the other night is different to the Broncos playing in snow at 5,280 ft, with the major Colorado ski areas off of I-70 (and of course US Highway 40) just a few miles away and a few thousand feet higher.

Most Colorado ski areas will tell you that if the Broncos have either a Sunday Night (or better, a Monday Night) home game, and it’s snowing at Invesco Field, the free advertising and consequential spike in call volume, is worth its weight in – well – snow. More often than not the commentators will mention the skiing conditions in the mountains, and for that to go out across the nation has always been a great fillip for the Colorado Ski Industry.

However, three conditions have to exist. Firstly, Denver must be playing at home. Secondly, it has to be an evening game, Monday or Sunday. Thirdly, it has to be snowing. In retrospect, this doesn’t happen as often as people think. Anyway, even if people are asking themselves if it’s snowing or not might make them find out for sure through more reliable methods. And that’s all good. Who cares if the Broncos lose!

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