Is it Thanksgiving in Colorado again?

Right now, ski resorts in Colorado have a lot to be thankful about. Actually, they have just two things to be thankful about. The respective latitudes and longitudes of their ski resorts. Because if they had the lats/lons of the eastern U.S. ski resorts, or those of pretty much every European ski resort, they would have a lot less to be thankful about right now.

Consider this. Eastern ski resorts are having a season ranging from “dismal” to “terrible”. Dozens of resorts remain closed, and those that are operating have less than half of their trails open. Where snowmaking has been possible, the quality of those trails ranges from patchy to awful. Spring-like temperatures continue to ruin any optimism for a hint of snow, or the prospect for more snowmaking. Potential losses for all businesses connected with the ski resort industry out east are, apparently, “all over the place”.

If you think that’s bad – take an imaginary transatlantic passage to Europe, where the hills are alive with the sound of disaster. Such terms as “powder”, “packed powder”, and “hard-packed”, have been replaced by “mud”, “brown grass”, and “puddles”. Much of Europe has seen record high temperatures in January. In France, it’s been raining at altitudes of 8,200 feet, and most ski area elevations are below that.

Here in Colorado, where our state has dominated the headlines over the last month for severe snowstorms, avalanches, and brass monkey cold temperatures, our on-mountain conditions are currently looked upon with great envy and serious longing by resorts 1,100 miles and 5,100 miles east of here. With 138 inches of snowfall so far this season and 90-95% of the mountain open, Winter Park Resort is having – I guess – an “average” season, but if I was in the UK and wanted to go skiing – this is where I’d be heading.

Look to history, and you’ll see how blessed this particular part of Colorado is when it comes to consistent snowfall year after year. And – if any of you British bloggers out there are reading this – we’re not so far away that a last-minute Colorado ski vacation isn’t possible. Look at the exchange rate for goodness sake! At virtually $2 to £1, accommodation, food and drink are at bargain prices.

So what are you waiting for? Book a deal with Crystal and fly direct on their charter flight. Want to book flights and lodging independently? As an example, I’ve just been to Expedia UK for you and amazingly, if you leave London Gatwick on Sunday February 4th and come for 2 weeks, you can get a round-trip flight with Northwest Airlines (1 stop) for £364.00 or, better, a non-stop direct flight with British Airways for £409.00. Non-stop direct is the way to go, and BA is the best. And call us direct if you want for the best possible deals on lodging. Stays of 7-14 days are rewarded with big discounts. Dial 001-970-726-9421.

Forget Europe and the eastern USA – we’re having a great season. I’m looking out of my window at a pure blue sky, sunshine, a ski area covered in snow, cold wintry temperatures, and a forecast of more snow this weekend. Maybe I better get out there myself.

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  1. Randel
    Randel says:

    We are thinking of doing a family vacation (would need a large condo or private home for 3 couples, 1 teenager, 4 elementary school age children) for Thanksgiving O9. Are the ski resorts open by then? What would be the price range for 5-7 nights of lodging?


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